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"My competitors will build you a quality home ... and so will I."


But here's the difference:

Matt has many years of experience with ultra-high-end luxury homes. He knows what looks like a million but is actually affordable, and what costs a lot but adds little to the visual impact of a home. Matt Patterson homes feature real materials: slate, marble, exotic woods. No laminate floors. No poured marble countertops. And then you add the extras: Designer paint. Mosaic accents. Custom-finished cabinets. Whatever you want to do, Matt Patterson will help you realize it. Your house will be one of a kind, not a cookie cutter, not like anyone else's.

This is why a Matt Patterson custom home stands out from the crowd.

And here's another promise: Your home building experience will be a pleasure, not a trial. Designing and building your own home can be the worst experience of your life. It can strain your marriage. At Matt Patterson Custom Homes, we make it as easy as possible, working only with very detailed budgets and specifications, and building with fiscal responsibility. When the house is done, the service continues until you are happy with the outcome.

So give us a call. Take a look at what we can do for you. Make your home a Matt Patterson home, and build the house that you want.

Matt Patterson, President
Matt Patterson Custom Homes

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